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In September of ’08 we were asked to look at Nicolas and Yolanda Del Angel’s house at 1312 4th St in Hull, IA to see if it could be remodeled to make the upstairs accessible and safe to inhabit.

When I got there what I found was a home which was a 1000 sq. ft. one bedroom room main floor and 200 sq. ft. upstairs divided into two bedrooms that was almost inaccessible as the stairs was almost straight up and once I got up there the floor was quite unstable.  The other thing I found was a husband and wife with their 9 children and 1 on the way that lived in this “tiny cottage”.

I spent some time visiting with this family and I found out that every night they would roll their bedding out on the floor of the living room and bedroom of the main floor to sleep and in the morning they would pick it all up and put it away.  I discovered that the family loves the Lord and that they have been praying for some time that God would provide them with a sufficient home.  Another thing I learned was that they weren’t some “dead beat” people living on welfare but that Nicolas, the husband/dad was a very hard working man who has had the same job for the last 10 years and also did part time mechanic work to make ends meet.

I then looked at the house to see what or how we could not only make the existing structure inhabitable but also to somehow add on to get more space for this family to live in.  After looking it over and doing some measuring I went home to work with Julie on some rough drafts of what we could do that would be the most practical.

After drawing up a plan we came up with a house that would have 5 bedrooms which we originally figured it would take about $25,000 to complete this project.  We took the plan to the local body of Christ that we know and presented the vision…..this project would have to be done in total faith.  The Del Angel family had no resources to financially participate and we have no funding in place to do service work to this magnitude.  After covering it with prayer the Lord said “if you go forth in faith I will provide.”

As we dug in and started to gut out the old house we found that the more we dug, the worse it looked.  The roof had to go, the floor had to go, we had no idea what the foundation was like, the electrical was bad, the plumbing was shot, the HVAC needed to be replaced……what’s left? 

We decided to stop and pray and seek the will of the Father.  Once again I heard Him say, “I AM a big God…….if you have faith, I will provide.”

So back to the drawing board………….new plans, new house.  So now we have a plan for an 8 bedroom, 2 ½ bath home with a spacious living area.  The cost of the project is approximately $55,000.    This may sound impossible but to date this project is over half over and every time we come to the end of one stage of the project, enough money comes for the next stage…… has been the most amazing service project I have ever been on.  God said, “I AM a big God……..if you have faith, I will provide.”

If you want to participate either financially or by volunteering, please contact me……you will be blessed!!

Below is the link to pictures of the progress of this project:

We will keep updating them as progress develops so check back often.

Mission pictures