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Soldiers for the Kingdom Boot Camp


We see the need to help people who are down and out.  The best witness to someone who is at the bottom is from someone else who has been there.  We feel the Lord wants us to raise up an army of soldiers from the streets to take back the streets.  We feel the Lord is calling us to the heart of Texas to start this and we need your help.  We need volunteers to go to the streets with us, we need financial partners to set up a facility, we need a volunteer staff to teach, train, and love these people as they get their lives back together.



God has showed us that these people need much more than what they get from social services or a 30 day treatment program.  They so desperately need to receive Jesus into that big empty God hole that they try to fill with drugs, alcohol, sex, gangs, crime, and hate.  They need to learn the true love of God; how to give it and how to receive it.  To so many of them, love is a form of sexuality or lust that when they are loved with the true love of God it is a life changing experience.  They need discipline in their lives.  Most of the time when a person is disciplined properly, they see that as a form of compassion and love.  Almost every time a person is into crime or rebellion it is because they are looking for attention in the way of discipline.  They need direction in their lives.  They will be taught life skills such as; every resident will learn how to cook and be on a rotation for cooking the meals.  Every resident will learn basics of car care like changing a tire, checking the fluids and changing the oil.  Every resident will learn the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic’s while they are enrolled and they will have a class on budgeting their money, balancing a check book, and interviewing for a job.  God has showed us that many of these wayward people have a strong calling on their life to be in ministry.  The last part of the vision is that it must be free and available to anyone who is serious about changing their life.


Outline of curriculum

The program is set up on a 4 phase plan to run for 26 weeks.  Along with the schedule of the 26 week program every resident will be required to participate in the following activities.  Anytime a service is being held in the chapel, whether it be a sermon, a Bible study, a corporate prayer time, or a revelation of prophesy all residents will be required to attend.  Everyone will have a weekly schedule of chores around the housing units and the grounds.  There will be scheduled group activity time (such as volleyball tournaments, pool tournaments, etc.) in which everyone will participate.  The purpose of this is to learn to cope with others.


Phase One:  Orientation phase – why I am the way I am + how I got here + where I want to go (4 weeks)

      Detoxification period if necessary

      One individual and one group session per day (Monday – Friday)

      15 minutes of exercise per day (Monday – Friday)

      Bible study on the book of John

      Cooking class


Phase Two: Changing the attitude phase – breaking habits + learn a new way of thinking + taking responsibility (6 weeks)

      One session per day of basic school (reading, writing, arithmetic’s) (Monday – Friday)

      One individual and two group sessions per day (Monday - Friday)

      30 minutes of exercise per day (Monday – Friday)

      Bible study on the book of Romans

      Cooking class continued


Phase Three: Making a commitment phase – getting serious with God + applying His word + learning and applying the armor of God against worldly temptations (8 weeks)

      One session per day of basic school (if still needed) (Monday – Friday)

      Bible verse memorization

      Bible study on the book of Ephesians

      Study on basic Christianity and how to apply Biblical truths to your daily life

      Application that true salvation is a conversion

      Two individual and one group session per day (Monday – Friday)

      30 minutes of exercise per day (Monday – Friday)


Phase Four: Preparing for the world – money management + witnessing skills + getting and keeping a job (8 weeks)

      Interviewing and resume school – everyday for the first week of phase four

      Getting a part time job (we will work closely with some local industries and merchants to interview for and obtain a part time job which will enable the residents to save some money for rent, deposits, and food when they re-enter back into society)

      Balancing a check book and monthly budgeting of income and expenses

      Discipleship training

      Speaking in front of others – once a week each resident will lead a corporate prayer or a Bible study – every resident will give two sermons in the chapel during phase four in which one will be their testimony

      Every resident in phase four will attend and participate in all crusades, revivals, and/or conferences that Daily Life Ministry is holding

      One individual and one group session everyday (Monday – Friday)

     30 minutes of exercise per day (Monday – Friday)

     Bible study on the books of 1 and 2 Corinthians